Automatic Searches - instruction

Start page

Run - start searching cars

Settings - program settings

Shut down - exit program

Home - get back to start page

Program settinhs

Basic parameters include language of the program, currency which will be used in searching. When choosing a language, the currency that corresponds to that country will be selected automatically, but if necessary, you can change it to any other in that list. Then select a websitee for currency exchanging. You can also set how often you want to refresh exchange rates. Other parameters are the units of measurement, for example distance im miles or kilometers power - horsepower or kilowatts, weight – kilograms or pounds. The last one is the selection of sites that will be available in the search criteries. At the moment, the program supports 10 websites for searching cars, including sites of such countries as Germany (, ), Great Britian ( ), Russia (,, ), Ukraine (, Georgia ( ), Belarus ( ), Poland ( ). You can add all of them by choosing an optionAll websites, or uncheck and select the desired list.

Approve - approving settings

Back - get to the start window

Refresh - comparing selected currency to the other

Search criterea

Creating, editing and deleting search criterea Criterea

Create - create search criterea
On the top there is a name of search critereaa necessary field. Next mark, model, price range, presence or absence ofvat, year and mileage. Location includes country and address. In addition, you can choose radius of searching. ZIP - is not a required parameter, but some web sitesdo not allow to start surfing without it, for example Among other settings – seller, power, fuel type, gearbox, category, number of doors and seats, the number of previous owners, color and others.

Link - you can select how often to update car search results for this search critera and also select the max number of downloaded cars per session

Stop - stop searching
Parameter active search criterea allows to download results for this criterea, which has sense for two or more criterea. Another one necessary field – websites for searching. In this example german web-sites та were selected.

Approve - approve creating of search criterea

Start- start searching

Searching results

Every advert includes information about creation date (If the website does not have a date of creation, the time of downloading will be chosen), basic image, information about a website that has this advert, information aboutseller, his adress and some other likeyear of registration, fuel type, mileage, power. For deleting an advert swipe it on the right.

Favourite - add advert to favourite so you could not delete it accidentally

Criterea - here will be a list of your critereas (if you have created at least one)

Remove - delete criterea

Create - create new criterea

Edit - edit criterea

Sorting - sort results

Sorting results

Here you can quickly and easily sort your search results by the desired categories. By default, without sorting is selected. The following parameters will be sorted in order of greatest to smaller , but you can also choose an option - sort by growth and get the opposite result. The bookmarks from the top option will first show the results that were added to favorites and then others.

Detail information

When you select an advert, a window with a detailed description will be opened. You can view other car images in a horizontal or vertical position, equipment, description of the seller

Phone - call seller

Browser - review advert in a browser

Back - go back to search results


When progam goes in background, you will get notifications about new cars found, but you can cancel this feature in settings of your mobile phone